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Willow Springs Entrance

This project, a great example of team work with a local HOA, included pre-planning, construction cost estimating and budgeting, illustrative renderings and conceptual studies, community involvement through presentations, detailed design process including construction and bid documents, City of Roswell approvals, and ultimately construction of the project.  

Designing and revising the scope to fit a set budget, our design included demolition of the existing, outdated, and non-compliant sign monuments, and replacing with all new entry monumentation and signage. New signage included the re-branding of the neighborhood name to combine with the Country Club of Roswell. Scope included grading, landscape, irrigation, lighting and new sidewalks. 

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback that the upgrades have been a great success in not only improving the entrance aesthetics and sense of pride upon arrival from residents and guests, but also from members of the Country Club. There is also a sense of value increase to the homeowners inside the community.

Roswell, GA